Looking for Nick/Greg recs

I posted this over at fanficfinder without success, so I'm hoping ya'll can give me a few suggestions. 

I'm looking for Nick/Greg stories, preferably long, well-written ones.  I'm not the world's biggest grammar freak, but it's really hard for me to get into a story if there's a typo/grammatical error/missing word in every sentence and/or paragraph.

(And this is probably asking too much, but if anyone knows of stories where Greg is not exclusively on the bottom, I'd love those as well:)

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New Community

CSI_Discussions is a new community where you can go to discuss episodes of either CSI, CSI: Miami or CSI: NY. Feel free to join. All are welcomed as long as you follow the rules.


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Hey, new here *waves*

I'm not after a fic or anything like that, in fact, I'm after an image.

It's of Sara&Grissom - Sara stood behind a door, Grissom opening it, both hands near each other near the handle. It screams out 'this is our secret, and we are hot!' to me, but for whatever reason, the only time i've found it I didn't save it. & I;m very much wanting it right now!

So does anyone have a link to it? I hope I've described it ok. Thank you very much!

2 lost fics

I just remembered two fics that I really liked. The first one I don't have that much info about. It's a oneshot. I think it's after a hard case or something, Grissom hears a knock on his door, and when he opens it he sees Sara. She doesn't say anything, just litterally falls to the ground sobbing. And then Grissom hugs her and yada yada yada.....

Anyways, the second fic I don't have much info about either. Sara has sex with Greg, but she yells the name "Grissom." The only other things I can remember is that Sara gets pregnant, and she is in Grissom's office telling him. And I think Greg barges in and starts calling Sara a whore and stuff. Pretty OOC for Greg. And that's all I can remember. 

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Mod post: promoting the community


There've been a number of fic requests here, and that's really great. However, we're still a little short on numbers for a community like this ;)

So I'm just asking if any of you could help with a little promotion. I'm not asking for anything major; just mention the comm on your journals, or on CSI communities (especially those that I'm not a member of!)

It would be much appreciated :)

Thank you.
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some good Horatio/Calleigh fics. They can be any lenght, rating, or genere. I'm just out of stuff to read and looking for something good to keep me entertained over winter break.

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Hey guys. I noticed this group has been pretty quiet lately, so I decided to put out some more requests. 
I only have one specific request, which is this:
-Sara is raped by Ecklie. All I can remember is that it's a chapter fic, it's complete...that's all I got. 

Also, does anyone know of some good post-episode fics? I'm especially looking for:
-post Nesting Dolls
-post Play With Fire
-Post Commited

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks guys!


Hey everyone. My name is Sarah and I'm a ridiculously huge GSR shipper. I'm not looking for a specific fic, but I'm really in the mood for some hurt/comfort. Does anyone know of a fic or fics where Sara is raped, and Gris comforts her?

Thanks in advance.
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Mod post

I realised that it's possible to turn off the colour scheme on comment pages.

I thought people would probably prefer to see the pages with black text on a white background, so I've changed it, but if anyone would like to go back to the coloured scheme, do comment.